Volk iNview Captures Wide-Angle Retinal Images with Apple Devices

Quick and easy fundus imaging using iPhone or iPod


Mentor, Ohio (December 1, 2015) – Volk Optical’s new iNview harnesses the power of Apple™ devices to easily acquire wide-angle digital color fundus images. The indirect ophthalmoscopic lens attachment is compatible with iPhone® and iPod®, and works in conjunction with the free Volk iNview app to take retinal images for general visualization, patient education, referrals and record retention.


The Volk iNview is the first Apple-compatible fundus imaging device to overcome the challenges similar instruments have failed to address: field of view, ease of image capture and optical quality. Designed for use with dilated patients, Volk iNview provides a static 50° field of view, with dynamic peripheral retina views out to 80°. The device offers both manual capture and a convenient auto-capture feature. In auto-capture, the Volk iNview app takes a rapid series of images, running a proprietary algorithm to present a collection of the best-focused and defined images for review. The Volk iNview’s custom double-aspheric glass optic is optimized for use with Apple device native cameras. Combining premium optic technology with the Volk iNview app results in the best possible image quality from a mobile device.

DSC_0221 copy

The resulting images can be immediately reviewed on-screen with patients for education and treatment plan discussions, appended to medical records for documentation, or forwarded as supplemental information with referrals. Application data is securely encrypted with a user-defined password key, ensuring HIPPA-compliant patient data integrity and security. The jpeg format images can be exported to Mac or PC using the native iOS functionality. The Volk iNview is available in iPhone 5s, 6 and 6s, and iPod Touch (Gen 6) models. A package system that comes with dedicated iPod is also available from Volk, for users who prefer not to use their personal iPhone in practice.


For more information about Volk iNview, visit www.volk.com, phone Volk direct at +1 440-942-6161, or contact your Authorized Volk Distributor.