Show Your True Colors with Colored Lens Rings

Silver color option gets a new hue

Volk’s colored lens ring options put a fun and practical twist on the exam tools you rely on every day. Custom colored lens rings mean you can:


1. easily distinguish your lenses from those of your colleagues
2. identify one style of lens from another with just a quick glance
3. organize larger practices by color coding the lenses in each exam room


Select Volk lenses are offered in a choice of gold, red, green, purple, blue, and a new, deeper silver finish. The new silver finish is a darker hue that makes the engraving that much easier to read.


For a limited time, both silver options will be available. If you’re looking to complete a matched set of your existing silver lenses, or just like the classic silver look, order by the end of 2015 and specify the lighter silver color.

Colored Lenses are available in the following styles:

  • Digital WideField®, Digital HighMag®, and Digital ClearField
  • 20D, 28D, and Pan Retinal® 2.2
  • 78D, 90D, Super66®, and Super Field®