Portable Ophthalmic Imaging with Pictor Plus

Volk’s lightweight digital imager provides freedom from office exams
Volk Optical’s Pictor Plus handheld imager delivers convenient portable ophthalmic imaging in any setting. High resolution images of the retinal and anterior segment can now be captured during non-office exams – on non-ambulatory patient visits, at off-site clinics and during field work.

The extremely compact Pictor Plus weighs in at just one pound, and fits easily with its accessories into a small briefcase. High quality jpeg images easily upload via Wi-Fi to computer, are compatible with most major imaging software programs and adaptable to any patient database system. Patient ID entry assigns unique identifiers to each file which can be used for patient records, or shared for remote diagnosis and consultation.

The versatile Pictor Plus includes two modules for both retina and anterior segment imaging. The Retinal module provides a 40 degree field of view of the fundus. Nine fixation points target different regions of the retina. Using a non-mydriatic imaging method, the device can easily image pupils as small as 3mm. The Anterior module images the eye surface and has a series of cobalt blue LEDs for fluorescent imaging.

Retina rear with eye light

More information: http://volk.com/pictorplus/