MidVitreous Lens for Vitreolysis Applications

Volk Optical’s Idrees MidVitreous Lens specifically designed for elimination of floaters

Mentor, Ohio (May 11, 2015) –Volk Optical’s new Idrees MidVitreous lens provides high resolution views and maximum focusing ability to reduce required laser energy during vitreolysis treatment.


Developed in collaboration with Dr. Mohammed Idrees of the Saudi German Hospital (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), the lens was designed specifically for elimination of vitreous strands or opacities in the central mid-vitreous. With a 1.11x image magnification, and .90x laser spot, the Idrees MidVitreous Lens provides the highest resolution and focusing ability of any commercially available vitreolysis lens. Less laser energy is required for treatment, improving patient safety.

The flanged contact provides stability for laser delivery and prevents patients from squeezing it off the eye. The large ring diameter (36mm) and tall lens body allow for easy manipulation within the orbit, particularly in patients with deep set eyes. The direct contact lens requires the use of viscous coupling fluid during laser treatment.