Focus on Strabismus

New tools for earlier diagnosis and better outcomes

Early diagnosis and intervention in cases of strabismus are key to preventing vision loss. Unfortunately, as IRISS Medical Technologies’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Simon Barnard explains in a recent article, “Strabismus is often not obvious and requires skill in diagnosing it.”

However, as Dr. Barnard goes on to explain, new technology is making it easier to quickly and objectively diagnose this misalignment of the eyes. The IRISS software technology that powers Volk Eye Check, a handheld measurement device providing 14 different ocular measurements to aid in fast, accurate diagnosis of strabismus and other eye abnormalities such as anisocoria, ptosis, and buphthalmos.


About the size of a typical smart phone, the device is easy to use on small children who are used to having smart phone pictures taken in this day and age. The portable technology is simple enough for widespread use, resulting in more early diagnoses and referral for sight saving treatment.

“It’s currently used by optometrists,” explains Dr. Barnard, “but, in future, we hope it will be used by the health visitor or GP as a screening device.”

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