“Case Study: Plano Tinted Lens-Fitting” in Optician Magazine

The latest issue of Optician Magazine features an article by Menachem Salasnik of Barnard Levit Optometrists (London, UK), explaining how he has used the Volk Eye Check to more easily fit tinted lenses on a patient with dyslexia. The case study illustrates how accurate vertical visible iris diameter(VVID) measurements provided by Volk Eye Check made it easier to determine the correct tint diameter that would completely cover the pupil and iris, without bleeding into white background of the sclera.


Traditionally VVID measurements have been taken with a ruler, which can introduce subjectivity and margin for error. “Using the Volk Eye Check I was able to obtain accurate measurements of the VVID of this patient,” explains Salasnik.

Read the full article at opticianonline.net here:  bit.ly/VECplano