4 Mirror Gonio Lens Options

When considering a 4 mirror lens for gonioscopy, there are a number of options available to you:

1) The Volk 4 mirror lens is now available in 2 magnification levels
a. Traditional magnification of 1.0x; does not alter the size of the structure you are viewing
b. High magnification of 1.5x provides a much higher level of detail in the anterior chamber

2) Contact options
a. Flanged version which requires a coupling fluid and provides superior stability
b. No flange version does not require the fluid and reduces time to apply the lens and examine

3) Holding options
a. Small or large ring keeps your hand close to the patient’s brow – can help stabilize the lens
b. A 2 position angle (straight and 45°) keeps your hand away from the patient’s face

The Volk 4 mirror has consistently positioned mirrors at 64° and is an all glass lens providing the finest image quality of the chamber angle.